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Self-Help at your Fingertips - The Central Harmoniser

Whenever I feel unwell and nothing I try seems to work, it is always to High Touch® Jin Shin Acupressure that I turn.  It is simple, I can do it anywhere and it always helps me to feel better.  I remember years ago, after open gall bladder surgery, I was in hospital feeling very low and very scared.  Then I remembered that I had taken my little High Touch ® Jin Shin Self-Help book into the hospital with me.  I sat by my bedside for hours, holding various fingers and acupressure points all over my body - much to the amusement of the nurses and doctors, but I desperately needed to do something for myself.  From that point on, I felt stronger, less vulnerable, my spirits lifted and I began to heal.   Following my recovery, I started to teach some of these simple techniques in one-day introductory workshops.  High Touch ® Jin Shin is a wonderful self-help tool which I can't recommend highly enough and I notice myself doing it without even thinking about it.  

Do you ever find yourself holding the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other?  
Do you ever sit with your fingers on your forehead, deep in thought?  This is ancient knowledge......a form of self-healing that we instinctively know on some deep level but have long-forgotten.  

The following technique is known in  High Touch® Jin Shin as The Central Harmonizer.  You can do this lying down or even in the bath and it will leave you feeling calm and balanced.  I plan to re-introduce these one-day workshops over the coming months, so please send me your contact details if you'd like to be advised of the schedule.  

The Central Harmoniser
(Copyright Betsy Ruth Dayton.M.Ed.)

Step 1:            Right hand on top of head (crown)
                      (It should remain there until Step 8)
                      Left middle finger on third eye, between eye brows, a 
                      little above.

Step 2:            Left middle finger on tip of nose.

Step 3:            Left middle finger in "v" of throat

Step 4:            Left fingers on sternum, at the centre between the breasts 

Step 5:            Left middle finger at base of sternum (solar plexus)

Step 6:            Left middle finger on umbilicus

Step 7:            Left middle finger on centre of pubic bone

Step 8:            Right hand (palm side or back of hand) on coccyx
                      (Left hand remains on pubic bone)

Hold each position for a minimum of 2-3 minutes or until you feel a pulsation in both sets of fingers.   Ideally for 3-5 minutes.


Step 1:            Harmonises blood pressure; nervous conditions; revitalises ;     
                      brain; dissipates senility; supports pineal and pituitary glands; 
                      hold for insomnia or when you have no ambition.

Step 2:            Supports pituitary gland; influences rejuvenation 
                      and reproduction of cells and life (both partners hold 
                      when  having difficulty conceiving.)

Step 3:            Supports thyroid and parathyroid glands; aids reproduction;           
                      larynx; speech; strengthens artistic expression; creativity. Hold
                      when having irritable feelings.

Step 4:            Strengthens circulatory system; revitalises lungs (breathing) and
                      pelvic girdle (hip energy); supports the thymus gland which is 
                      the master gland of the immune system - hold as a prevention 
                      against illness.

Step 5:           Strengthens builders of the blood, harmonises red blood cells and       
                     white blood cells; controls secretions of digestive enzymes 
                     and hormones; strengthens lymphatic system; nervous 
                     system and muscle tone of arms and legs; harmonises spleen; 
                     adrenals; kidneys; liver; gall bladder and pancreas.

Step 6:           Breathing control; strengthens small and large intestine; 
                     physical digestion and assimilation; revitalises adrenal glands.

Step 7:           Influences growth; mental competence and lymph system;
                     harmonises reproductive glands; strengthens spine.

Step 8:           Balances reproductive organs, ureters, abdominal area; 
                     aids circulation of legs and feet (use for leg cramps, sciatica,
                     injuries to leg, ankle or foot, or cold feet).

I find the easiest place to do this is in bed, first thing in the morning.  It is definitely worth setting the alarm to wake you 20-25 minutes earlier than usual to prepare you for the day ahead.  I also support my right arm with a pillow to avoid any strain on the muscles.  

Notice how your breathing changes as you work your way through the steps.

You can apply this technique at any time of the day, whenever your energy is flagging.  It will give a "tune-up" to your whole being and energise the life source.

The Central Harmonizer is sourced from "An Introduction to High Touch®  Jin Shin for Self-Help" by Betsy Ruth Dayton M.Ed.   This booklet and additional materials are available from the High Touch ® Network.    See links below.  

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