Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Ibiza - My Crystal

Well, what a great day today is - Angels Heal My Body is now released and will be available to order from the Diviniti Publishing site any time now (http://www.hypnosisaudio.com/). If you prefer not to order online, you can telephone your order through to the office angels at Diviniti on 01732 220373 and I know your CD will wing its way to you without delay. This CD really is wonderful and the culmination of SO much hard work by everyone involved.

We had a lazy, sunny, warm four days in Ibiza last week - it was perfect. The island was quieter than in June which meant we could explore some of the beaches we had never seen, despite being regular visitors since our honeymoon in 1973. Oh, the joy of sitting at a little chiringuito (beach restaurant), eating fresh fish and fresh sun-ripened salads washed down with some chilled rosado and then pottering the few steps over the sand to our beach beds to read and have an afternoon snooze....... it was just what the doctor ordered. For those who haven't been to Ibiza - don't be put off by the bad press and television - it is a really beautiful little island and the Ibicencans are lovely people. In fact, I have just received an email from my friend Tracy who has just returned from her first visit there. To quote "there is something about that island that I can't seem to explain" and it made me smile because I know she is hooked by its magnetic energy and will be returning. It reminded me about a little piece I wrote years ago which I'd like to share with you on the day that Angels Heal My Body has finally arrived. It has no title.

The book that leapt out at me in Gatwick Airport was called “Crooked Angels” written by Carol Lee. The description on the jacket read “A woman, a child and an Osteopath are the detectives in this remarkable journey to the source of an illness”. I needed to look no further for a book to take on holiday. In my daily work I have learned much about the body’s ability to lock away physical and emotional trauma, only to manifest it years later as a physical illness. This book was written about a subject so close to my heart, it would be ideal to take to my hillside retreat on the island of Ibiza.

That was three days ago and it is now mid-morning……. I sit under an umbrella on the terrace looking out over an azure ocean. The breeze gently whispers through the surrounding palm trees as they bask in the sunlight. There are oleanders of pink and white, a vibrant red bougainvillaea and, in the distance, the joyful sounds of children splashing in a pool. Butterflies mingle around the flowering bushes and I sense their joy in being blessed with a second, more adventurous life as I remember something I read once in one of Richard Bach books:-

“What the caterpillar thinks is the end of the world, The Master knows is the butterfly.”

From a restricted existence as a caterpillar to becoming a beautiful, elusive, butterfly dancing through the air, I feel their joy in just “being”. Have we (humanity) lost this ability to just “be”? If so, is it possible to regain it? I try.

I do try and I ask my clients to try. For the hour that they spend with me, I ask them to just BE. Sometimes, I sense their difficulty as they lay with busy heads, desperately trying to quieten their minds – but a quiet mind must begin with the body. It may take several sessions for some to achieve this quietness – for others the deep involuntary sighs of letting-go come at the first session – so relieved are they at finding an hour’s sanctuary.


It is here in Ibiza for me. Tucked away in the hills, far from the Ibiza the newspapers portray. I have come alone to feed my senses, to drink in the sights, sounds and smells of my island, to be alone with my childhood, to clear away any emotional pain which may still be living in my body. I have come to connect with my Guides and to nourish my Soul.

My guides has been prompting me to write for some time. I am told to put pen to paper and the words will come and as I write, I know this to be true. This will be a book with many aspects. My pain, my joys, my belief in and love of my work. My love for my family.

Ibiza is my crystal.

I can draw strength from her wherever I am. Sometimes, as I am working, my guidance takes me to Es Vedra.
Es Vedra, the rock, rises majestically from the sea off the beach at Cala d’ Ort -she is mystically beautiful. I don't know why I refer to Es Vedra as "she" - I guess, for me, she has a feminine energy. Many will remember her from the film South Pacific – she was Bali Hai. I stand on her peak, holding my client high at cranium and sacrum to receive her healing energies. I see the clear blue sky and crystal clear water surrounding us and we bathe in the light. This takes only a matter of seconds and my client, lying peacefully on the couch, knows nothing of their journey, nor do I tell them. Once, the dolphins came into my awareness whilst I was working and at that precise moment my client announced that she could “see” dolphins. Did the image come from her non-conscious mind into mine or vice-versa – no matter. She found the dolphin presence very healing for her. Her body, wracked with pain in every joint, responds with tears, tears which go back through a lifetime. These tears, imprisoned within her body for so long, flow freely now, without inhibition as I gently support her.


I feel such compassion for this lady whose life is made so difficult by the physical pain in her body. Still, she carries on regardless, selflessly working for charity. The lightness follows the tears. This is common. Often people say “I feel so much lighter now” and so, too, do I.

I am in awe of the human body’s capabilities. In this case, the body had made a start towards wholeness. She may never recover fully and as a practitioner, I have to accept that sometimes the healing is in having the illness itself. When people start to question why their body is behaving in a certain way and looking closely at their lives – this is when changes are made. Changes in the way they eat, drink, the company the keep, the anger and frustrations they hold within their body. No matter how slowly these changes come about, a healing communication has begun between mind and body and then, inevitably, spirit. The three are no longer separate and we start to feel whole again.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

A Robins Message

As I am writing this, the fourth CD in the Sacred Light Series is being "put to bed" so to speak. It is the culmination of 3-4 months hard work by so many wonderful people, who I intend to acknowledge properly on my main website in the coming weeks. The CD is called Angels Heal My Body and it is my favourite so far. People who know me well, know how big a part of my life CranioSacral Therapy has been. It truly has been instrumental in changing my own life and the lives of some of my clients. This CD is so close to my heart as I have been able to incorporate some of what I have learned over the years thus enabling listeners to connect with the deepest part of their being - their inner wisdom - before they connect with the Angels. The music of Gabriel Currington is so emotive and healing that listeners are given a chance to listen to the score in its entirety, without dialogue, on the last track.

It seems appropriate to complete the CD today as this is the 19th anniversary of the day my father left us to continue on his own soul journey. Whenever I see a robin in my garden, I know he is around and this morning, Graham said "Look" and the robin was sitting right outside the kitchen window on the head of our beautiful, peaceful Buddha - it was as if my father was saying "Today's a special day, you know". And it is.

Angels Heal My Body is also special because it is dedicated to the memory of Wendy Harrold, the shining light who introduced me in 1997 to Aly and Glenn. I was hugely privileged to be able to guide Wendy through this healing meditation just a few days before she left with the Angels. I will never forget her beauty, serenity and peace as she held my hand and listened to the words and it reminded me that as a practitioner, wanting people to get well can be a judgement and we should try and let go of that - because sometimes the healing is in having the illness. One day I will write a whole chapter on why I believe that to be so.

I am taking a few days off now to visit the sacred island which nurtures my body, mind and soul and renews my creativity - Ibiza. And no, I won't be clubbing! I'll be sleeping, reading and listening to the waves lapping at the shore.................... Bye for now!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

September 11th 2001

On this day when the world remembers so many souls who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001, I would like to share some wisdom from Cheryl Richardson. Cheryl is a Life Coach and the author of many books. She hosts a radio show on the Hay House website.
In her current newsletter, she shares what she calls her Annual Remembrance Ritual and has freely given her consent for people to print it, share it and discuss it with others. She invites us all to ask ourselves the following questions and record the answers in a journal:
· Am I pleased with how I'm spending my precious time on earth?

· Am I spending enough quality time with the people who matter most?

· Am I doing my best to listen to the voice of my soul so I make real, honest choices based on what I most want?

· If today were my last day on earth, would I feel good about what I'm leaving behind?

· Am I sharing (or working toward sharing) my God-given gifts and talents with others?

· Are there any petty disagreements or differences that I need to let go of once and for all?

· Is there someone I need to forgive?
Food for thought huh? And maybe a ritual we should practice more than just once a year.
To read Cheryl's full newsletter, go to her website at http://www.cherylrichardson.com/.

Friday, 7 September 2007

A project for this weekend

Having had such a wonderful weekend in Dublin at the Rude Health Show, I have been quickly brought down to Earth by a particularly difficult week. Firstly, our flight was delayed for six hours, meaning we didn't get home until 3.00 a.m., five hours past my normal bedtime and as we had to get up at 2.30 a.m. to fly OUT to Dublin, I feel as if I have been to the other side of the planet. Can I be the only person who suffers jet lag following a trip to Ireland?
The week went downhill from there with various challenges which I won't bore you with and has culminated in the worst cold I have had in years. It is times like this that I tend to check out Astrologer Steve Judd's website (www.stevejudd.com). I awoke with his name on my mind, and when I logged on I read something there which really resonated with me: "To establish eye to eye contact and mutually smile, maintains our link with spirit"
I have often felt awkward when people have referred to me as a Healer, because I see myself more as a facilitator - I create and hold the space for people to heal themselves. Many times, I have talked about how healing a smile can be, to someone who is feeling unwell or is at a difficult time in their lives. The warmth of a smile is magnified 100-fold when it is accompanied by eye contact or a light non-intrusive touch. Sometimes my best work is done when I am shopping in the supermarket - like the time when a particularly stressed lady was at the check-out, packing her shopping and shouting at her family at the same time. She had a white feather attached to the back of her jumper and I just couldn't help myself. "Excuse me", I said, picking the feather off her jumper and putting it in her hand, "did you know you have an angel with you today?" She smiled and thanked me and carried on packing her shopping, only in a much calmer, happier way. The situation was diffused and who knows, that day in the supermarket may have been the start of an interest in the angelic realms and spirituality in general. A smile - a touch and in this case, a feather is all it took to brighten that lady's day.
So, I invite all visitors to the Medicine Bowl Cafe to use every opportunity to SMILE this weekend - yes - even at people you don't know. Look straight into their eyes and SMILE THE SMILE OF AN ANGEL. If they don't smile back or if they look at you as if you have stepped off another planet, expand your heart and send them a silent Angel Blessing of Love and Understanding. Imagine the warm, pink ray of Archangel Chamuel radiating out from your heart.
That's your homework for the weekend!
Please let me know if you have any experiences you would like to share as a result of our SMILE weekend. Have a good one!
With love and a BIG PINK SMILE

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Rude Health at the RDS

Just back from Dublin after spending two days at the Rude Health Show. We met some really wonderful and inspiring people, tasted some beautiful, healthy food and got really sore, swollen feet. (Note to self: wear sensible shoes next year!) I had a blissful Caviar Hot Stone Massage in our hotel the day before the Show which I can wholeheartedly recommend if you get the chance to have one. Somehow, though, I managed to put on 1 1/2 pounds in that two days and wonder where I went wrong - maybe the stones are still attached!
We heard an inspiring talk by Writer,Broadcaster and Audio Author Janey Lee Grace (www.imperfectlynatural.com) who shared loads of tips on how to clean your home/laundry/baby's bottom with old-fashioned chemical free products. For lots of free tips and give-aways log on to Janey's website and sign up for her FREE monthly newsletter - it's fab!
Jason Vale (the Juice Master) gave a hysterically funny talk called "Freedom from the Food Trap", which will make you see dieting, food and in particular television advertisements for food in a completely different light - not to be missed if he is speaking anywhere in your area.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Medicine Bowl Cafe is OPEN!

Hi folks - welcome to the Medicine Bowl Cafe for "Grounded Angels".
When I ran my Holistic Therapy Centre, I published a newsletter called Medicine Bowl for my clients and associates. In Native America, the Medicine Bowl is where ideas are nurtured, the future is held and growth is accomplished. Hence the Medicine Bowl Cafe is a place where you can take a five-minute break to read some self-help tips, where you can hear about stories, journeys or people who have touched my heart. You may find an occasional gripe here and there - this is a meeting place for "Grounded Angels" - try as we might to live angelically, when faced with life's challenges, we don't always manage it and just because we eat meat, have the occasional glass of wine or find ourselves getting irritated with the people we love (or people we don't even know!) doesn't make us any less perfect in the eyes of God.
You may or may not know that I am the author of the Sacred Light Series of Angel Meditation CDs published by Diviniti Publishing Ltd, Maidstone, Kent. http://www.hypnosisaudio.com/ These CDs will really help you to raise your vibration and align with the frequency of Angels - if you use them regularly enough, you will begin to see things differently - from a calmer, more serene perspective. As Dr Wayne Dyer says: "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change." So I am inviting all you wonderful Grounded Angels out there to let me know via email if you have any Angel experiences, or heart-warming stories you would like to share. The Medicine Bowl Cafe is open 24 hours a day, so pour yourself a cup of tea and drop by anytime. You never know you might pick up a few handy tips and wrinkles.........well, maybe not the wrinkles!
Tea break over for now - we'll chat tomorrow!