Friday, 11 January 2008


GMTV have been asking people for suggestions for a new Public Holiday. Viewers have been asked to vote for one of the following: a) A British Forces Day b) A Beatles Day c) A Shakespeare Day and d) a Diana Day.

I say, what about a PEACE DAY. I think the UN nominated September 21st as International Peace Day but how many of us are aware of that?

I did think about a PEACE PILGRIM day in honour of the amazing woman who walked 25,000 miles between 1953 and 1981 in a personal pilgrimage for peace. She vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food". She died aged 73 in 1981. However, this is a UK Public Holiday they are polling for, so people might not consider this appropriate.

So, if I was Prime Minister this would be my suggestion: June 21st would be a great day for PEACE DAY. It is summer solstice, therefore the longest day of the year and would be a great day for families and friends to be together. Everything would close! No banks, shops, shopping malls would be allowed to open, and people would be encouraged to stay home and keep traffic to a minimum. In the lead up to Peace Day, school children will be encouraged to participate in creative projects - ALL children should be encouraged to make a PEACE DREAMBOARD showing their vision of a Peaceful World. Peace DreamBoard exhibitions could be set up in various prominent locations for everyone to see and we could even have a prize for the best Peace Dreamboard in each County. Just think of the effect of millions of Dreams of Peace on the Laws of Attraction. In fact why limit the PEACE DREAMBOARD to children? Everyone, regardless of race, religion or age could be encouraged to make one. We could have Children's Peace Concerts, Celebrations of Light etc. It's our responsibility to show our children how the Laws of Attraction work and how they can make a difference to their world if they focus on Peace.
What a dreamer I am....................but then a PEACE DAY makes much more sense to me than a Beatles Day - even though, as a 13 year old I dreamed of marrying Paul McCartney. Maybe if I'd made a DreamBoard.....................!