Thursday, 22 November 2007

DreamBoards DO work - honestly!!!

I am SO excited - I did say Mato Tipila has been calling to me and I have now responded! My husband, who never takes longer than 5 days holiday, has a "big" birthday next year and I have booked to take him to South Dakota and Wyoming. I have a slightly guilty feeling about this, because I know he wanted to go to Las Vegas, but I think Wyoming will be much better for his spiritual (and physical) health! I was trying to keep it a secret but I am so excited I had to tell him and, thankfully he is thrilled - even though he has to take a whole week off. Also, to my great surprise, he arrived home tonight and has decided we are going to fly to Las Vegas later in the year. To my even greater surprise, we are flying Business Class - this is the man that insists on flying EasyJet and Ryanair normally. Not wanting to give him a chance to change his mind - I booked it immediately and he is still in shock. If you are sceptical about DreamBoards, don't be. I suddenly remembered my very first DreamBoard has a photo of Las Vegas on it, with a request for my husband to take more than three days holiday at a time. The Laws of Attraction are just fabulous. Honestly.
The next DreamBoard Workshop is on Saturday, January 12th - join me - the world is your oyster.

Be kind to Magpies

I am sitting here in my office - as I have been since I arrived back from America or so it seems. This is such a busy time for everyone, including me and like a lot of women, I am wearing umpteen different hats at a time scheduling next Spring's workshops, preparing for the Cambridge Mind Body Spirit Exhibition on the 1st/2nd December, and working with my wonderful new website designer to re-build my website. My only daytime company are the magpies who play and entertain me just outside my office window as I work. So many people moan about magpies, including my husband but I don't mind them at all, especially since I know the story.......

It is said in the sacred stories of the Lakota that all the animals and birds of the universe gathered at the Black Hills to run a race that would decide who would thrive and who would struggle. The two-legged animals raced with the birds on one side and the four-legged were on the other. If the two-legged and the birds won the race, they would eat the four-legged but if the four-legged won the race, they would eat the two-legged and the birds. During the race, a magpie perched on the ear of a buffalo and stayed there and just when it looked like the buffalo was in the lead and about to win, the magpie suddenly flew off his ear and won the race on behalf of the two-legged and the birds. The magpie was officially declared the winner and was presented with a rainbow - which is why the magpie's tail is today so colourful.
So next time you look out of your window and see magpies, think of this story and be kind to them - please.
The photograph above is one I took at Mato Tipila (Bears Lodge) in Wyoming and it is SO calling me back. If you click on the photo, you can see it full size - it really is surreal.