Friday, 7 September 2007

A project for this weekend

Having had such a wonderful weekend in Dublin at the Rude Health Show, I have been quickly brought down to Earth by a particularly difficult week. Firstly, our flight was delayed for six hours, meaning we didn't get home until 3.00 a.m., five hours past my normal bedtime and as we had to get up at 2.30 a.m. to fly OUT to Dublin, I feel as if I have been to the other side of the planet. Can I be the only person who suffers jet lag following a trip to Ireland?
The week went downhill from there with various challenges which I won't bore you with and has culminated in the worst cold I have had in years. It is times like this that I tend to check out Astrologer Steve Judd's website ( I awoke with his name on my mind, and when I logged on I read something there which really resonated with me: "To establish eye to eye contact and mutually smile, maintains our link with spirit"
I have often felt awkward when people have referred to me as a Healer, because I see myself more as a facilitator - I create and hold the space for people to heal themselves. Many times, I have talked about how healing a smile can be, to someone who is feeling unwell or is at a difficult time in their lives. The warmth of a smile is magnified 100-fold when it is accompanied by eye contact or a light non-intrusive touch. Sometimes my best work is done when I am shopping in the supermarket - like the time when a particularly stressed lady was at the check-out, packing her shopping and shouting at her family at the same time. She had a white feather attached to the back of her jumper and I just couldn't help myself. "Excuse me", I said, picking the feather off her jumper and putting it in her hand, "did you know you have an angel with you today?" She smiled and thanked me and carried on packing her shopping, only in a much calmer, happier way. The situation was diffused and who knows, that day in the supermarket may have been the start of an interest in the angelic realms and spirituality in general. A smile - a touch and in this case, a feather is all it took to brighten that lady's day.
So, I invite all visitors to the Medicine Bowl Cafe to use every opportunity to SMILE this weekend - yes - even at people you don't know. Look straight into their eyes and SMILE THE SMILE OF AN ANGEL. If they don't smile back or if they look at you as if you have stepped off another planet, expand your heart and send them a silent Angel Blessing of Love and Understanding. Imagine the warm, pink ray of Archangel Chamuel radiating out from your heart.
That's your homework for the weekend!
Please let me know if you have any experiences you would like to share as a result of our SMILE weekend. Have a good one!
With love and a BIG PINK SMILE

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