Thursday, 13 September 2007

A Robins Message

As I am writing this, the fourth CD in the Sacred Light Series is being "put to bed" so to speak. It is the culmination of 3-4 months hard work by so many wonderful people, who I intend to acknowledge properly on my main website in the coming weeks. The CD is called Angels Heal My Body and it is my favourite so far. People who know me well, know how big a part of my life CranioSacral Therapy has been. It truly has been instrumental in changing my own life and the lives of some of my clients. This CD is so close to my heart as I have been able to incorporate some of what I have learned over the years thus enabling listeners to connect with the deepest part of their being - their inner wisdom - before they connect with the Angels. The music of Gabriel Currington is so emotive and healing that listeners are given a chance to listen to the score in its entirety, without dialogue, on the last track.

It seems appropriate to complete the CD today as this is the 19th anniversary of the day my father left us to continue on his own soul journey. Whenever I see a robin in my garden, I know he is around and this morning, Graham said "Look" and the robin was sitting right outside the kitchen window on the head of our beautiful, peaceful Buddha - it was as if my father was saying "Today's a special day, you know". And it is.

Angels Heal My Body is also special because it is dedicated to the memory of Wendy Harrold, the shining light who introduced me in 1997 to Aly and Glenn. I was hugely privileged to be able to guide Wendy through this healing meditation just a few days before she left with the Angels. I will never forget her beauty, serenity and peace as she held my hand and listened to the words and it reminded me that as a practitioner, wanting people to get well can be a judgement and we should try and let go of that - because sometimes the healing is in having the illness. One day I will write a whole chapter on why I believe that to be so.

I am taking a few days off now to visit the sacred island which nurtures my body, mind and soul and renews my creativity - Ibiza. And no, I won't be clubbing! I'll be sleeping, reading and listening to the waves lapping at the shore.................... Bye for now!

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