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This is an updated version of a blog I wrote last year - one which I have decided to update and repost because I am hearing from people just how much coming to a DreamBoard Workshop helped them to focus on "the music inside them" and achieve more than they had could possibly have imagined.   You could too.......

I am among the millions of fans of Dr Wayne Dyer.  He never fails to uplift me with his wisdom and warmth.  When I received a copy of his film "The Shift" which I ordered from Hay House, I watched the whole film 4 TIMES on that first day.  I have never done that with any other film and I have watched it even more since.  

His message of "Don't Die With Your Music Still In You" hit home hard to me as I was rushed by ambulance into hospital at the beginning of last year.  The pain was excruciating - I instinctively knew that it was serious and that I was bleeding internally.   The morphine didn't seem to be working -  only the gas and air gave me relief and allowed me to slip away into darkness.  I could hear the voices of my husband and son, as if they were miles away and I heard myself chanting "Om Namah Shivaya" over and over until I felt something being placed into my hand.  I heard my son telling me it was his Angel Stone - the one he carries everywhere with him. The darkness was inviting, I just wanted to drop deeper into it then  I heard him say  "You are the strongest person  I know Mum, stay with us" and I realised that I wasn't ready to leave this beautiful planet - or my family - just yet.  I was approaching 60 years of age yet there were still so many things I wanted to do - so much MORE music left in me.  I prayed to God to let me stay - the kidneys in Chinese Medicine are linked to FEAR (False Evidence which Appears Real) and I realised that my whole life has been plagued with fear - fear of loss, fear of not being good enough - fear of success - fear of rejection - the list is endless.  As I surfaced from the darkness into the pain again, I promised God that I would release my fears and finish what I came to this planet to do.  There is Music Still In Me, my years working as a Therapist taught me so much about the freedom of forgiveness, how the archaic wounds of our past can colour not only our own future but also the future of our children.    If we don't do the work on ourselves, which is an essential part of achieving  inner peace, it means our children will probably have to do it in their lifetime.  Working on ourselves is, quite possibly, the greatest gift we can offer to our children.The hospital discovered that I had severe internal bleeding from an Angiomyolipoma, a benign tumour on the kidney which had spontaneously ruptured.  It is, apparently, very rare.  I said flippantly "Well, I guess that means I can't go to India then" and the consultants told me that if the tumour hadn't ruptured when it did, it would have certainly ruptured on take-off with possibly lethal consequences.  I know that the Angels were looking after me - they weren't going to let me die with My Music Still In Me.  

I wrote this post early in 2010 on another blog but am sharing it again in the Medicine Bowl Cafe because we ALL have Music Still In Us.  Music that can make a difference in the world, if only we can let go of our fears and perceptions of what we can and cannot do.  We all have something we are really good at, something we love doing and we don't serve humanity by pretending we are not good enough to do it.   I still have Music In Me and although illness over the last year or so made it difficult to connect with, I know I am getting closer to it now.  If it wasn't for the illness, I would never have heard the message the Universe was trying so hard for me to hear.   I have always believed that sometimes the healing is in having the illness and now that has been my experience.  So I'd like to ask you:-

What Music is Still Inside You? 

Is there something you love doing?  Something you get lost in, which makes time seem to fly by?  

Could doing what you love make a difference to someone's life?  

Could doing what you love bring you financial abundance if only you let go of the fear that someone else is better than you?

I'd love to hear what Music is Still Inside You.  If you're not sure what that is I have something in the pipeline that may help you.  Watch this space!


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