Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hi folks

Taking a break from stringing our wonderful organic, home-grown runner beans to welcome you back to the Medicine Bowl cafe.  They smell divine, I wish we had smelly-net - or perhaps not!

I'll be condensing my other blogs into this one from now on because I am now up to 3 and failing miserably at keeping them up to date.  How DO these expert daily bloggers find the time!  I promise to try  and fill the Cafe with interesting stuff to inspire you, or to make you smile, or to make you cry. Please drop by regularly and join in with your comments if you wish to.

From my Spanish retreat, I hope to be adding some of the rambles I have written over the years in my client's Medicine Bowl newsletter plus some daft poems that I've written which surprisingly, people seem to like.  

Back to the beans now.  Don't forget to drop by from time to time.

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