Monday, 22 October 2007

Home Again

Home again and I think I'm over my jetlag, I am still trying to remember everything about the last few days of my trip. The days were long and we were out late in the evening, listening to stories under the stars. This photograph was taken on our last day in Tongue River Canyon, Crazy Horse's place of retreat. It took our breath away as we entered on foot - the colours were just as you see them here. I have been assigned by my new friends to do the "Winter Count" which was the Native American way to record tribal events (in pictographs) during the year. Apologies, my friends, for the delay in completing this record - it will be done once I have cleared my backlog of work.
I had the most wonderful time in America and my thanks go to Serle, Sarah, Tashiya, Gail, Nerry, Maggie, Al, Debra, Paul and Devan for their companionship during the trip. We shared much laughter, many poignant moments and even more tears, in particular at Wounded Knee and we have all pledged to do all we can to help raise awareness of the Native American people who care more about their responsibility to each other, our planet and to our future generations than their rights for themselves. There are lessons to be learned from these warm and wonderful people and I hope to write about them in more detail soon.

Tongue River Canyon

From left, Jan, Neree, Gail, Devan, Paul, Debra

and Al. (Maggie was hiding behind Devan)