Monday, 8 October 2007

The Journey Begins

Saturday 6th October.

Hi all - The group met up this morning and everyone is really lovely. Today we entered the Black Hills in the traditional Lakota way - through Buffalo Gap. Many moons ago, this was the way the huge buffalo herds entered the Black Hills on their migratory journey. It is a very important, spiritual place and Serle Chapman wanted us to enter in the same way.

We travelled through Custer State National Park in search of wild buffalo and we were not disappointed. We watched them running and playing free and were so close we could hear the bull growling. The bull is about 9ft long and 6ft high but they run so gracefully, it's almost like a ballet dance. There were many buffalo calves. We saw Elk, Deer, Wild Turkeys and Prairie Dogs. The landscape here seems to pulse with a heartbeat - it speaks to those who take the time to listen and as Serle relates the Lakota stories to us, the wind suddenly builds up as if re-inforcing what he is telling us, then it disappears suddenly. We visited Wind Cave, the place where the Lakota Nation entered the Earth - their place of Genesis. In the evening, we were privileged to attend a Pow Wow in Rapid, which was fantastic. The drumming and dancing resonates through your whole body.

Sunday 7th

Today we visited Prairie Edge, Scores Rock, The Needles and the Nest of the ThunderBeings. Then in amongst the trees on the banks of Sylvan Lake, Serle spoke to us about Star Knowledge. Today we are off to Bears Lodge or Devils Tower as it is called by non-natives. This is the rock which featured in Close Encounters all those years ago.

Love to all.

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